Logistics Capabilities

Container Freight Station


Container Freight Station facility located outside Gate 2 at Jebel Ali Port covers a total area of 134,343 sqm which includes a covered storage area of 11,900 sqm and an uncovered storage area of 122,443 sqm.

Container Freight Station provides an array of services based on the customers’ requirements which include;

Container Freight Station (CFS) Infrastructre

Covered Storage 11,900 sqm
Open Storage 122,443 sqm
Total Storage 134,343 sqm
Forklifts 39
Electrical Reach Trucks 3

Cool Port

Jebel Ali Port operates a refrigerated storage facility located centrally in the port area. The facility covers a total area (cool and cold storage) of 65,000 cbm and a floor space of 9,272 sqm

DP World UAE Region's Cool Stores at Jebel Ali Port provide customers' with the ideal storage solutions for all kind of perishable products ranging from chocolates, fruits and vegetables, alcohol and cigarettes to pharmaceutical products, photographic films and cosmetics.

Cool storage

Temperature Range 10°C to 20°C
Capacity (pallets) 3,240 sqm
1 Ton Electrical Reach Trucks 3
1 Ton Gas Forklift 4
Rooms 3
Internal Floor Space 3,900 sqm

Cold Storage

Temperature Range -29°C to +13°C
Capacity (pallets) 8,183
Racked Rooms 5
Non-racked Rooms 4
Total Area 5,372 sqm
Forklifts 5
1 Ton Electrical Reach Trucks 4
2 Ton Electrical Reach Trucks 12