Welcome Message


Mohammed Al Muallem
Mohammed Al Muallem,
Senior Vice President and Managing Director DP World, UAE Region

Greetings from DP World, UAE Region.

Within the climate of change and challenge, DP World has emerged as one of the top 10 container ports worldwide. Focusing on our people and, customers and providing quality services have distinguished us from our competitors. Furthermore, we believe in raising our benchmark setting new standards and finding solutions to tackle the challenges facing the industry.

DP World’s UAE Region is on a persistent drive to maintain its hub status, both in terms of service to customers and as a major contributor to the wider region that is home to more than 2 billion people. Dubai, the home of DP World, aims at catalysing the fast paced, strategic environment which is conducive to growth. To ensure we continue to evolve, embrace market dynamics and measure up to the best, we work with our partners to continuously take DP World to the next level.

Investment is a part of our core values. Investment in our partners’ success, our human capital,  and in our terminals, in terms of capacity, technology and efficiency-is all designed to drive productivity and efficiency for diversified businesses and future success and a growth-geared environment. We are the only port and terminal operator in the world to be awarded the 5-star rating by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). We continually invest across our business to keep abreast of global supply chain and trade activities.

We consider it a privilege to be in a position where we are able to provide support to the people and communities in which we operate that have taken us from strength to strength. Our focus on Corporate Social Responsibility is strong, with health, safety and the environment as high priorities. We are transparent and proactive with our stakeholders, emphasising on business ethics and social sustainability.

We look to the future with confidence. DP World’s prospects and plans are challenging and long-term. We will make continuous efforts to achieve profitable growth, set the standard for service excellence, and achieve international recognition and accolades through our staff and our strategy.