Mina Rashid


Mina Rashid, located on the southern coast of the Arabian Gulf, is a multi-purpose port equipped to handle both cargo & passenger operations. Mina Rashid’s central location in the heart of Dubai makes it very attractive for traditional traders and tourists alike. It is the only port in the Middle East to receive the prestigious ISO-9002 accreditation and the Security Certificate of Excellence by International Maritime Security (IMS).

Coastal Berth and General Cargo Facility

Mind Rashid Cargo Port enjoys a strategic location amidst the Dubai’s traditional trading centres for cargo destined to Iran, Iraq, Africa & India.

The cargo port handles all types of vessels – from break-bulk and bulk vessels to RoRo carriers.

Mina Rashid’s competitive edge is its access to Dubai’s used car markets. With unrestricted support by the Road Transport Authority (RTA), the port caters to smooth exports.

Facility Coastal Berth:

No of Berths 5
Depth (m) 5
Quay Length (m) 900

Facility General Cargo and RoRo:

No of Berths 15 (11-25)
Depth (m) 10.5
Quay Length (m) 2,757


  • 24x7 Marine/ cargo operations
  • 24x7 Gate access for cargo movements

Storage/ Rentals

  • Availability of RoRo storage yards
  • Availability of sheds and warehouses on short & long term lease.

Logistics & Warehousing

Mina Rashid’s Cargo Port is complemented by logistics and warehousing facilities. The product offering includes lease of sheds and warehouses on both short and long term for all kinds of non-containerised cargo handled at the port. This also includes ample storage space for RoRo at both Coastal Berth and General Cargo facilities.

  • Accessibility to the region’s trading hubs
  • Industrial areas and freezones
  • Availability of Customs and government authorities at closest proximity

The storage facilities are being further developed as part of Mina Rashid’s ongoing expansion and modernisation plans.