Container Terminal


DP World’s flagship Jebel Ali Port is ranked amongst the most sophisticated and best-performing container ports in the world. It has been named as the World’s Most Productive Port by JOC. The port has received a number of ISO and other certifications for its quality management systems, security and safety practices.

The three existing container terminals at Jebel Ali Port in total have a capacity of 19.3 million TEU. There are 28 berths equipped with 102 STS (ship-to-shore) quay cranes, including 19 cranes that are remotely operated.

Container Terminal 1 (T1) has a capacity of 9 million TEU and is one of the busiest terminals. With 15 berths and 51 quay cranes, T1 is the foundation that has allowed Jebel Ali Port to achieve its position as one of the top ten ports globally.

Container Terminal 2 (T2) with 32 quay cranes has a capacity of 6.5 million TEU. Its modern equipment has decreased carbon emission up to 30%.

Opened in 2014, T3 is one of the largest semi-automated terminals in the world. Terminal 3 is equipped with 19 automated quay cranes and 50 automated rail-mounted gantry yard cranes (ARMG). It is capable of handling Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCV) with capacities exceeding 18,000 TEU.

Meanwhile, in line with market demand, Container Terminal 4 (T4) will take delivery of 13 STS cranes, which are dual hoist tandem models able to lift a combined weight of 120 tonnes and 35 ARMG cranes that are the double cantilever/double truck lane types able to handle twin-lift containers to a combined weight of 70 tonnes.

Facilities at the Yard

Reefer Points 6943
Rubber Tyred Gantries 123
Rail Mounted Gantries 60
Empty Container Handler 54
Top Loaders 1
Reach Stacker 5
Forklifts 12
Tractors 708
Trailers 785

Container terminal Facility

Facilities at the Quay

Quay 1
Gantries 29(SPP)
Berths 8
Length(m) 3,000
Depth(m) 16
Quay 3
Gantries 14(SPP),12(PP)
Berths 8
Length(m) 2,500
Depth(m) 13.7 - 15.5
Quay 4
Gantries 10(SPP)
Berths 2
Length(m) 830
Depth(m) 16
Quay 5
Gantries 4(PP),9(P)
Berths 5
Length(m) 1,545
Depth(m) 10.5
Quay 10
Gantries 19 (SPP)
Berths 6
Length(m) 1,862
Depth(m) 17