Buoys & Dolphins

Jebel Ali Port

Jebel Ali Light Float/ RACON Buoy is positioned at Latitude. 25º 10' 30" N, Longitude. 54º 52' 15"E (RW) L.FL 15 sec. This float lies at the axis of the channel leading in to Jebel Ali port at an angle of 135º. Port Jebel Ali approach channel commences at a distance of 11.5 nautical miles from the port. The channel with a length of 10.9 nautical miles and a depth of 17 meters, starts at buoy No.1 and extends up to buoy No.16. It runs in a direction 315º T - 135º T towards the port. It takes a 25º bend at buoy No.13 and leads in to the port at an alignment of 340º T - 160º T.

The approach channel has a width of 320 meters and at the bend the channel widens to 520 meters.

Mina Rashid

Mina Rashid Fairway Buoy Latitude 25°18’05” N Longitude 55°10’00” E Racon [T] LFI.10S[RW] Mina Rashid turning buoy Latitude 25°16’06” N Longitude 55°16’30”E [Q R].

Mina Al Hamriya

Green 1 : Latitude 25°18’122” North, Longitude: 55°19’801” E
Red 2 : Latitude 25°18’040” North, Longitude: 55°19’844” E
Green 3 : Latitude 25°18’507” North, Longitude: 55°19’812” E
Red 4 : Latitude 25°18’686” North, Longitude: 55°19’908” E
Green 5 : Latitude 25°19’020” North, Longitude: 55°19’872” E
Red 6 : Latitude 25°19’100” North, Longitude: 55 °19’994”E
Green 7 : Latitude 25°18’686” North, Longitude: 55°19’908” E
Red 8 : Latitude 25°19’554” North, Longitude: 55°20’054” E
Fairway Buoy : Latitude 25°20’585” North, Longitude: 55°19’938” E

Note: The location taken on Jan 10, 2012