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We believe that working in a sustainable and responsible way is essential to the development of a strong business for our customers, our people and our society, now and for the future.

Our World Our Future

DP World is committed to being a world leader in sustainability. Guided by our values of courage, respect, intelligence and pride, and our practice of thinking ahead, foreseeing change and innovating, DP World, UAE Region strives to create the most productive, efficient and safe trade solutions.

Doing so is as important to us as it is vital for the prosperity of the communities in which we operate. We believe that working in a sustainable and responsible way is essential to the development of a strong business for our customers, our people and our society, now and for the future.

“Our World, Our Future” is a strategic priority that has become a reality and DP World, UAE Region is proud to be leading the way in the region.

Protecting our environment

  • Responsible use of natural

    We have accurately measured our resource consumption
    We are sactively seeking to reduce our use and monitoring our performance
    We will innovate and invest in new technologies so we can continue to be more efficient and responsible in our resource use

  • Preventing pollution

    We have identified potential sources of pollution
    We are minimising our emissions
    We will ccontinue to eliminate sources of pollution where we can

  • Taking an industry leading position on environmental policy and practice

    We have built dialogue with our stakeholders to anticipate change and develop long term solutions
    We are transparent in our communication, publishing our results through our annual report and www.dpworld.com
    We will continue to set targets for improvement and report our progress annually

in our people

  • Actively encouraging diversity
    and inclusion

    We have created a global approach to encourage an inclusive culture, which recognises and values diversity
    We are sharing guidelines and giving practical support to implement this approach across the business
    We will take active steps to create a workforce which reflects diversity across our whole business

  • Developing talent and
    creating personal development
    opportunities for everyone

    We have established our Talent Management Programme to identify and provide development opportunities across our organisation
    We are actively identifying internal talent and working with employees to take up learning and development through channels like the DP World Institute
    We will continue to identify and support new and existing learning interventions to ensure that all our people can develop their full potential

  • Listening to our employees
    and stakeholders and delivering
    on our promises

    We have developed mechanisms including My World survey which offers employees and stakeholders an opportunity to express their views about the business
    We are actively incorporating programmes and practices in response to feedback received from employees and stakeholders
    We will continue to develop different channels to gather the feedback and views of our employees and stakeholders and use these insights to enhance our policies and practices

Ensuring the highest safety standards

  • Meeting and exceeding best safety policy and practice

    We have identified our legal obligations and ways to exceed these with industry leading practices
    We are monitoring and reporting on our performance
    We will continue to work with all stakeholders and employees to work towards our zero harm approach

  • Identifying and controlling health and safety risks

    We have employed safety leaders to identify and control safety risks
    We are working with our most challenged sites to improve safety standards
    We will continue to share leading practices to establish and maintain an industry leading position on safety standards

  • Providing, supplying and maintaining safe equipment

    We have established minimum standards and identified clear processes for replacement of equipment to meet these
    We are setting industry standards for maintaining our equipment
    We will continue to work with original equipment manufacturers to drive innovation and develop safer equipment

Building a vibrant, secure and resilient society

  • Building social infrastructure

    We have created employment opportunities in the communities in which we operate
    We are continually vigilant about the security of our people and assets. Our commitment to ISO 28000 is one example of our commitment to go beyond the minimum Global Security standards with the Supply Chain
    We will develop a formal approach to assessing risk in our supply chain and developing a response

  • Strategic community investment

    We have established programmes across the globe supporting issues of social relevance such as education, health and marine protection
    We are working with leading benchmarking organisations to monitor and measure the impact of our community investment and report this through our annual report and www.dpworld.com
    We will launch a global education programme in 2016 which aims to reach out to 34,000 young people (8-14yrs) by 2020 with 70% reporting a positive impact from the programme

  • Strategically partner with organisations on issues of importance to the industry

    We have worked in partnership with industry and governments on counter-piracy
    We are active members of the United for Wildlife taskforce looking at the serious issue of illegal wildlife transportation
    We will develop a formal approach to stakeholder engagement to identify issues that are relevant to our industry.

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