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We believe that working in a sustainable and responsible way is essential to the development of a strong business for our customers, our people and our society, now and for the future.

Chairman's Message

“We are committed to being world leaders in sustainability. It is as important to us commercially as it is to the societies in which we operate. As a major global employer we know we can play a significant role in improving people’s lives, strengthening their communities, and protecting their environment.

“I am proud of the significant progress we have made – not only through our corporate efforts but also from the huge contribution made by our teams across the world.

“Our World, Our Future has created a platform for our people to get involved, move forward and make a big difference in the communities in which they live and work.

Sustainability is for the long term and I look forward to the next chapter.”

– Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem


Our World, Our Future

  • We believe that working in a sustainable and responsible way is essential to us building a strong business for our customers, our people and our society.

    Our World, Our Future is our global programme to bring sustainability into every aspect of our work.

    We are investing in the long term in our ports around the world, and so drive best practice, invest in innovation and measure and report on our progress, always seeking to go further and do more.

  • We focus on four commitments:

    Minimise impacts on our environment by better managing natural resources and emissions

    Invest in our people by embracing diversity, encouraging personal development and providing them with the tools to drive change

    Ensure the safety of our people and strive for zero harm at work

    Build a vibrant, secure and resilient society through strategic investment in the issues that affect our people and our industry


Ocean Protection

  • Our business depends on the sea, it is the artery of global trade and its well-being is key to our future. So we have selected Oceans as an issue to highlight their importance to us all and to join hands with partners to focus attention on them. DP World, UAE Region is committed to preserving the oceans and creating a better world for our people and our community.

  • Harbour Water Monitoring

    DP World, UAE Region constantly monitors the waters in which it operates using the latest available technology, the monitoring is conducted using different methods, including handheld devices, 24/7 online monitoring probes and regular laboratory testing in compliance with regulatory requirements. Harbour supervision is also conducted through our workforce of competent divers, specialist drone team, CCTV system and patrol vessels.
    We invest in studies to enhance the environmental performance of Jebel Ali Port and Harbour by identifying potential risks and the best solutions to be implemented to mitigate them.

    Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

    Renewable Energy
    DP World, UAE Region actively invests in renewable energy to safeguard the future generations and drive sustainable operations with minimal negative impact on the environment. 157,000 solar panels are being installed across UAE Region’s assets, to generate clean energy to power 4,600 homes on completion. DP World’s global headquarters in Jebel Ali is now carbon neutral as the result of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on the building’s rooftop and car park.

    Energy Conservation
    We are committed to sustainability and actively work to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint across our operations. Key strategies for energy conservation include, but not limited to, avoiding unnecessary idling of machinery, motion sensor activations, hybrid engine roll out, installation of smart metering capabilities, enhancement in operational efficiencies and replacement of ageing equipment with new lower-carbon technologies.
    We use refitting technology to enhance the performance of ageing assets and current infrastructure. Our in-house programmes are in line with the Dubai Supreme Energy Council’s Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 , aiming at securing sustainable supply of energy and enhancing demand efficiency (water, power & transportation fuel).

  • Cleanup Campaigns
    DP World, UAE Region runs multiple Clean Up campaigns each year focusing on oceans, waterways and proximity land environments surrounding waterfronts. We also conduct underwater cleaning campaigns through trained teams of divers to reduce the negative impact on ecosystems and marine life. A purpose-built cleaning vessel (skimmer boat) with a designated crew monitors and cleans up the harbour at Jebel Ali Port.

    Awareness Programmes
    Awareness sessions are conducted to build knowledge and understanding in employees, contractors, third parties such as fishermen and schools within our communities. By undertaking these awareness sessions, we aim to arm individuals with the talent and ability to keep our waters and shores pollution-free and inspire them to clean up the environment regularly. The training is conducted by DP World “environment ambassadors” who are highly skilled with experience and knowledge in ocean protection. We run awareness campaigns supporting Car Free Day, Beach Clean Up, World Water Day, Earth Hour, World Day for Safety at Work, ‘Beat the Heat’ campaign, World Environment Day, World Health Day, and Children’s Drawing Competition.


DP World 4 women

  • #MentorHer
    DP World’s Mentor Her is a campaign to support women in the workplace and help build networks that open opportunities. We empower women through mentoring sessions across our business, encouraging men and women to mentor and learn from each other.

    Creating change requires us all to listen and to be active listeners. Companies thrive when everyone feels they participate. We seek feedback from women to ensure all talent can contribute. We will seek feedback from colleagues to understand where we can develop – be it with facilities, policies, training to drive gender equality.

  • #HerStory
    We want to celebrate women in the business and beyond. Shipping and logistics have been male-dominated industries, but there is great opportunity for change. We want to position DP World as a leader – the future of global trade – and highlight the role women play in the business.

  • #InvestInHer
    We have a strong and successful record in delivering community programmes that empower women. We want to focus more on women and girls to ensure they get access to better education, health and employment. Raising awareness in our industry for our local communities and helping us build a talent pipeline for the future.


Partners and Programmes

  • Abtaal Al Jalila
    DP World, UAE Region is a proud partner with Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital’s Abtaal Al Jalila programme to support corporate volunteering. This collaboration reaffirms our commitment to serving the community and supports the Emirati culture through values such as loyalty, care and dedication. The volunteering programme aims to the second most important pillar in children’s treatment, to raise the morale of the patients and their families through acts of compassion, spreading joy and drawing smiles on children’s faces.

    Dubai Cares – Volunteer Emirates 2019
    Through an exclusive edition sponsorship agreement with Dubai Cares Volunteer Emirates 2019, DP World, UAE Region supports the mission to enrich the learning experiences of children and the youth. Our contribution helps volunteers to truly harness the incredible power of volunteering, to make the Not-For-Profit schools in the UAE a place for children to not only learn but to thrive through best experiences and facilities. By investing in our people and community, we help lay the foundation for their bright future.

  • Multi-Functional Pascal Device for Retinal and Glaucoma Disorders
    Our belief in UAE’s healthcare systems is strongly rooted and DP World, UAE Region has put its best foot forward to support this belief by sponsoring Al Qassimi Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department in developing the design for their multi-functional Pascal device. A Pascal device allows physicians to treat both retinal and glaucoma disorders giving their practice more control, confidence and most importantly, the ability to change more patients’ lives. Eyes are the windows to people’s souls and giving light to it through this initiative is our way of giving back to the Emirati Society.

    DHA Blood Donation Bus
    To provide impetus to blood donation drives in the community, DP World, UAE region together with The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has donated a fully equipped mobile Blood Donation Van. We aim to reach out to a bigger population of the UAE society, to boost blood donations that will help save people’s lives, especially Thalassemia patients, Cancer patients and accident victims. The development of the health and rehabilitation sector ensures the well-being of the community, which is of paramount importance to us.

  • Adopt a Classroom in Al Noor Center
    DP World, UAE Region is steadfast to provide rehabilitation and learning facilities to people of determination and has partnered with Al Noor Center to launch a Tolerance Classroom. These sessions not only help the people of determination to become better educated and trained on key skills but also encourage, motivate and support them to develop their individuality and achieve their dream goals in life. This initiative strongly resonates with our continuous efforts in creating a better community for all.

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